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Our Canon Family

As of the beginning of this year, we made a major investment in our company and clients with the purchase of a Canon 5D Mark IV!  To make things even better, Keith recently surprised Lakyn with her very own 5D Mark IV under the Christmas tree! They are the latest and greatest in professional Canon photography technology and we are thrilled to make the most of our newest pieces of equipment! We also currently have in rotation three Canon 6D cameras. Keith carries two cameras on his person at all times with his BlackRapid Dual and Peak Design Capture Pro. Lakyn will now be carrying her brand new 5DIV with her go-to lens, a 85mm f/1.2L II.  We just purchased our first mirrorless camera (a Canon of course) and are excited to start bringing it along with us on shoots!

(We have plenty more to say about our selection of cameras, so keep checking back for updates!)

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